Silky Smooth Exfoliating Mitten

Silky Smooth Exfoliating Mitten

This Exfoliating Glove is made with a unique fabric texture and will transform your skin! The glove removes dead skin, impurities and surface-build up to achieve smoother and healthier skin. Refreshing your skin to Reveal, healthy, new and radiant skin!


SILKY SMOOTH EXFOLIATING GLOVE EXFOLIATES AND SMOOTHES SKIN - Evens skin texture to allow moisturizer to penetrate more effectively for softer, smoother, and clearer skin.

REDUCES INGROWN HAIRS - Reduces bumps, clogged pores, and much more.

IMPROVES CIRCULATION, stimulates collagen SUNLESS TAN-Smoothes skin for even tanning or helps to remove tan.


Body Directions: Use mitt when showering or bathing. Gently use circular motions to slough away dead skin cells. Then simply wring it out and hang dry.